Prior to arrival, please contact your venue directly and check availability.


Saturday, 3/2/18 – Closing at 12am.
Sunday, 3/3/18 – Closed all day for Oscar Sunday, will reopen Monday.

New York

Tuesday, 2/27/18 – Closing to the public at 3pm, will reopen on Wednesday.
Wednesday, 3/14/18 – Closed due to a private event, will reopen the following day.


Monday, 3/5/18 – Full venue buyout from 6pm – 11pm.
Tuesday, 4/3/18 – Lucky Strike closed from 5pm – 9pm. Gypsy Bar open.

San Francisco

Wednesday, 2/28/18 – We will close to the public at 5pm and reopen the following day.
Thursday, 3/1/18 – We will close to the public at 4pm and reopen at 9:30pm.